Fall Planning Update

As previously communicated, the University will begin classes earlier in August than in previous years and will complete classes before Thanksgiving. Students will return home before Thanksgiving break for the remainder of the semester. Finding Your Place is planned to begin August 3 and Orientation on August 13. Family members will not stay in Sewanee after dropping off their students; all family Orientation activities will occur remotely. Classes will begin August 17.

Returning student arrivals on campus will be scheduled and staggered, with about 200 arriving each day, in order to reduce density on campus and allow for COVID-19 testing. The University has recommended a 14-day at-home quarantine period prior to traveling to campus, and will test all students upon arrival in Sewanee.

Students who receive a positive test result for COVID-19 and who live within driving distance will return home for at least 14 days of isolation and recovery. Students who are unable to return home quickly and safely will isolate and recover on campus; the University has housing options and a plan for their care.

The University also plans for regular surveillance testing of students, faculty, and staff throughout the semester.

Students are discouraged from bringing a vehicle to campus this fall. Those who do bring a vehicle to campus will be asked to limit their use to only local and essential purposes.

Student social events will be smaller than usual and they will usually take place outside. Proper physical distancing and masking will be required.

Lectures, exhibits, concerts, plays, and recitals are part of a typical semester. This will not be a traditional fall on campus in any respect, including for many of these activities. Students and faculty continue to make art and we will share the results with the community through new modes of presentation. Look for more details to come.

Planning is underway to reconfigure the Fowler Center to allow for social distancing, to adjust hours to allow for cleaning, and to determine ideal capacity to stay healthy. More information will follow.

University-wide events like Family Weekend and Homecoming have been cancelled, and others may be held virtually. All Office of Admission group events for prospective students will take place online.

Every member of the university community is expected to make these Community Health Commitments:

I will seek support as needed for my mental health and well-being and be mindful of the mental health needs of others.

I will participate in daily wellness checks and keep track of my close contacts.

I will wear a mask except when I’m alone, asleep, or eating a meal.

I will practice safe hygiene (washing my hands frequently, covering my mouth when I cough or sneeze).

I will get tested for COVID-19 when requested to do so.

I will limit use of my vehicle except for essential needs and then only in the local area.

I will maintain six feet of distancing whenever possible from others outside my “family group.”

I will kindly encourage compliance in my community.