​Sewanee Ball Field Needs Repairs

by Kevin Cummings Messenger Staff Writer

Board members for the Sewanee/Cowan Little League are searching for options to repair the Sewanee ball field, with scheduling uncertain and the season set to start in April.
January storms badly damaged the dugout roofs and games may not be played in Sewanee.
“The way the field is right now, no,” said Amanda Knight, the league’s vice president. “The dugouts have to be covered in order to play ball.”
Estimates for new dugout roofs are between $5,000 and $10,000 and where that funding is going to come from is uncertain.
On Feb. 25, about 23 volunteers, including parents and University of the South football players, started tearing apart the dugout roofs and salvaging material that might be re-used, she said.
“We also had a parent who brought out equipment and started working on cleaning the field to get it ready,” said Knight, whose 7-year-old daughter is playing.
Another issue is the scoreboard, which coach Nick Barry said works occasionally. Barry said repairs at the field may need to wait.
“We’ve just been trying to figure out some avenues of getting the ballpark fixed,” he said. “I think at this point we’re just going to have to look at next year as far as what happens with the ball field because we’re getting too close to game time to get anything done.”
The field also needs more dirt and a lawnmower is in need of repair.
“If we could get that done, Amanda and I would just mow the field ourselves,” said Crystal Dykes, the league’s safety officer.
About 120 kids have signed up for Cowan/Sewanee Little League, which will have approximately 10 to 12 teams. Board members are still in the process of scheduling, but the season opens with a jamboree in early April at Cowan.
“There’s quite a bit of involvement, quite a few people that are part of baseball,” Barry said. “You’ve got baseball and soccer at the community ball field, so that facility is catering to quite a few families.”
Businesses sponsor the teams and Dykes said that league board members gather those sponsors. She noted that Sewanee had its own chartered league before it partnered with Cowan in 2012.
A fundraiser is underway for Cowan/Sewanee Little League with a $5 donation to qualify for $250 and $700 cash prizes. For more information contact Sarah Gore at (931) 598-1277 or <sagore@sewanee.edu>.
For more information on how to help with Sewanee field repairs or maintenance, email Knight at amandaknight294@yahoo.com.