​Run for the Sewanee Community Council

Sewanee residents are encouraged to consider running for election to the Sewanee Community Council. The seats now held by June Weber (District 1), Louise Irwin (District 2), Pixie Dozier (District 3), Phil White (District 4), Cindy Potter (at-large representative), and Theresa Shackelford (at-large representative) will be open for election.

Candidates running for a district seat must have 10 signatures from residents of their district. For at-large candidates, the 10 signatures can come from any registered voter residing in Sewanee. Blank petitions can be picked up at the Lease Office, or are available from Tabatha Whitsett in the Provost’s Office. A district map can also be viewed at the Lease Office website https://new.sewanee.edu/offices/university-offices...

Candidates must be Sewanee residents for at least two years and registered to vote in Franklin County, Tenn. All candidates must return a nominating petition signed by 10 registered-voter residents by the end of business on Oct. 14.

Early voting will be held from Oct. 16–Oct. 30 at the Lease Office. Regular voting will take place at Sewanee Elementary School coincident with the General Election on Nov. 3.

If anyone is interested in running and has questions, they should reach out to the election officer Theresa Shackelford at <shackelfordt@bellsouth.net>.