Moving Mountains: TEDx University of the South Virtual Series


You're invited to TEDxUniversityoftheSouth's upcoming virtual series.

This semester, we will be holding 7 nights of TEDxUniversityoftheSouth talks followed by live Q&A with our speakers.

This will give our community an opportunity to ask questions and dive deeper into these important and interesting topics.

The series starts on Tuesday, Feb. 23, and continues every Tuesday through March 30, and concludes on Wednesday, April 7. 

Speakers and performers include Patrick, Dean, Sherry Hamby, Jason Carl Rosenberg, Deborah McCrath, Bea Troxel, Karen Yu and Mandy Moe Pwint Tu.


Moving Mountains Session #1

The series starts on Tuesday, Feb. 23. with Patrick Dean

6 p.m. via ZOOM

For a list of speakers, go to https://www.tedxuniversityofth...