Sewanee-Franklin County Airport Public Town Hall

Members of the community are invited to a public town hall to discuss the obstruction removal and avigation easement project for the runway approach at the Sewanee-Franklin County airport at 7 p.m., Monday, May 3, at the Sewanee Elementary School. County officials and university administrators will be there to answer any questions. Midway residents, stakeholders, and concerned citizens are encouraged to attend to ask questions and raise any concerns about this issue.

To ensure safety on the runway approach, trees must be cut on the University Domain and on the land of two individuals whose properties adjoin the airport. The airport seeks an avigation easement to cut trees to meet federal and state safety requirements, and will compensate the landowners for that easement. There are no plans to lengthen the runway or to allow larger planes or jets at the airport. The only change is that flying lessons, which have always been offered to university students, will be expanded to offer additional classes. Only two property owners will be affected by the obstruction removal.

Please wear your mask. You may also join us through Zoom at this link: <;.