​Changes Coming to Public Access at the End of Breakfield

By the end of the summer, the University of the South plans to limit vehicular access to the unpaved section of Breakfield Road past the Equestrian Center. Bicycle, pedestrian, and equestrian access will not be affected.

The University remains committed to encouraging recreational, educational, and research uses on the Domain, balancing that demand with the need to protect the natural environment and ongoing academic teaching and research areas. University employees and current students will continue to have vehicular access to the end of Breakfield Road; recreational hikers and bikers will be able to walk in. Leaseholders and alumni will also retain access for camping.

How will this work?

The University is installing a new electronic gate on Breakfield Road—where the asphalt becomes a gravel road—with access provided by key code or swiping an ID card. Some initial hardware will be located over the next few weeks, though the gate will not be operational until later in the summer.

Why is the gate needed?

The gate will allow the University to reduce the inappropriate use of vehicles on Breakfield Road, protect research and teaching areas, reduce road erosion and associated expense, and improve safety and security efforts.

Can visitors still hike on the Domain?

Yes! In order to realize the potential of the Domain as a resource for recreation and research, Sewanee’s Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability has upgraded parking areas so that they are functional and attractive to visitors and provide directed areas for traffic, with kiosks that provide trail and liability information. These include Green’s View, the University Gates, Lake Cheston, and the Memorial Cross. Trails have been classified according to difficulty and appropriate signage has been installed at intersections, providing helpful information for recreational use. The recreational trail map is being revamped currently and the new and improved version will be launched in the fall.

Community members who have questions should contact the OESS via email <domain@sewanee.edu>.