​Sewanee Masking Directive Reminder

Earlier this month University Vice-Chancellor Reuben Brigety, acting in his capacity as Sewanee mayor, instituted a mandatory mask directive for all persons on the Domain, including residents, visitors, students, faculty, and staff. The directive went into effect July 3, 2020, in response to the serious threat to public health posed by the increasing incidence of the novel coronavirus in Tennessee.

Signage reminding customers of the directive is posted at downtown businesses and additional, larger signs will soon appear to make visitors aware.

Security officers are in the downtown Sewanee area to help remind visitors and Domain residents to wear masks when they are within six feet of other people. The officers will not use force to bring about compliance, but will issue a friendly reminder and offer a mask to someone who is not wearing one.

“Our strategy for keeping our community safe as we prepare to welcome back students from around the country is to keep transmission of the virus to a minimum and to be able to track the virus so that we can stop its transmission,” said Brigety. “A universal testing regime and masking requirement are essential to this effort. If it fails, we may be forced to go into lockdown and/or evacuate students from the Mountain.”

“I am asking everyone in our community to encourage others to comply. Please remind others to wear a mask when they are within six feet of one another and to have a mask handy at all times when they are in public.”

The University posts frequent updates to its COVID-19 website to keep the campus and Sewanee community informed.

The masking directive states: All residents of, and visitors to, Sewanee are required to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth when in public or inside buildings other than private residences, with five exceptions: when they are alone; when they are asleep; when they are eating or drinking; when they are maintaining a physical distance of six feet or more from any other person; and if they have a documented medical condition that precludes their wearing a face covering. If in doubt, individuals should wear a mask. Everyone is asked to have a mask on their person at all times so that they may don it when circumstances require.

For more information about the University of the South, visit www.sewanee.edu