​Monteagle’s Fire Department Emergency Resolved

by Leslie Lytle, Messenger Staff Writer

The town’s fire truck emergency has been resolved Fire Chief Mike Holmes told the Monteagle Town Council at the Sept. 25 meeting.
Cummins in Nashville repaired Engine Number One, which was out of service.
“I used it on a car fire today,” Holmes said. “We’re back up to 100 percent, or let’s say 90 percent.”
The fire department’s other truck has valve leaks, but it’s “usable” Holmes said. The truck passed the pump inspection. Holmes will get quotes on the cost of repairing the 1993 fire truck.
Holmes thanked the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly for the “very nice donation” of $1,000, which helped alleviate some of the fire department’s woes.
Utility Systems Supervisor John Condra presented three bids for a hammer on the backhoe.
“We hit rock in the project we’re working on,” Condra said. In the past, the Utility Department rented a backhoe with a hammer when the need arose.
“You’ll need a hammer in the Summerfield project coming up, too,” Mayor David Sampley said.
“The price from Swope is really cheap,” Alderman Chris Ladd said. “My father used to do this kind of work.”
The council approved purchase of a backhoe hammer from Swope at a cost of $10,156.
Condra also raised an issue brought to his attention by Street Superintendent Carl Cantrell.
“Clifftops is taking out and putting in culverts,” Condra said. “There’s no map showing where the residential water service lines are located.”
To avoid water loss from damage to service lines, Condra recommended installing a master meter at the entrance to the residential community and “letting them tend to their own business like the assembly does.” No action was taken.
Reporting on Parks and Recreation, Vice-Mayor Jessica Blalock said she ordered two play sets for Harton Park. The vendor BYO Recreation notified Blalock of a sale. The town received 80 percent and 50 percent discounts, making the $20,000 total cost well under the budget for the Harton Park playground. The play sets carry a 100-year warranty.
Updating the council on enforcement of the new ordinance requiring a fence screening any lots with conveyances in a “junked condition,” Codes Enforcement Officer Earl Geary said notification was sent to four businesses on Sept. 14. The businesses have 30 days to begin construction.
Apprising the council of the police department’s increased responsibilities during Family Weekend at the University of the South, Oct. 5–8, Police Chief Virgil McNeese said three or four officers would be patrolling the Monteagle Assembly during the event.
“The Assembly has 70 houses rented,” McNeese said. The Assembly will pay the officers’ overtime hours.
The council approved a business permit for Up in Smoke Café and Gifts, to be located on College Street. Geary said the business did not need to meet commercial kitchen range-hood and grease-drain requirements since all cooking would take place outside and food would be served using disposable plates, cups and utensils.
The council meets next on Oct. 30.