Reverse Raffle Winners Give Back

by Kevin Cummings, Messenger Staff Writer
There were a lot of winners in this year’s Reverse Raffle, especially after the grand prize recipients returned a big chunk of the jackpot.
In the main drawing on Sept. 29 during Sewanee’s AngelFest event, Todd Palmertree, a local construction company owner, and Mountain Valley Bank in Monteagle split the grand prize of $10,000.
Palmertree gave back $1,000 of his winnings, while the bank gave back the entire $5,000 from the second annual raffle, which benefited the Community Action Committee (CAC) and the Sewanee Angel Park.
Betty Carpenter, CAC director, said the kindness of the people involved is a gift.
“The funds received from the Reverse Raffle will help so many families in the greater Sewanee community,” Carpenter said. “It is because of the generosity of so many that CAC can provide not just food but assistance with their basic needs. It does take all of us and thankfully events such as the Reverse Raffle help us do the work.”
Lee McFarland, senior vice president of Mountain Valley Bank, said the bank was happy to return the winnings.
“Our directors, officers and staff are committed to supporting the community we live and work in,” he said.
The Sewanee Business Alliance (SBA) conducts the raffle and selects a charity to receive at least 25 percent of the proceeds. Last year’s recipient was Housing Sewanee.
In the Reverse Raffle, names are drawn out and eliminated. The way to win is to be the last name remaining, but as it nears the end, participants can decide to play it safe and split the winnings.
This year a total of 219 raffle tickets were sold at $100 each, said John Goodson, SBA president. In total, after expenses the CAC received $7,975 and Sewanee Angel Park received $4,205.
Goodson said the money for Angel Park, which is a 501 (c) 3 organization, will go mainly toward adding lighting in the future.