​Community Council Approves Parks Committee Members

Six Council Seats up for Election

by Leslie Lytle, Messenger Staff Writer
At the Aug. 27 meeting, the Sewanee Community Council approved the appointment of representatives to serve on the Parks Committee, taking the final step needed to officially create a formal entity charged with overseeing Sewanee community parks. In April, the council authorized the committee’s formation.
“This is a historic undertaking,” said Dixon Myers. Myers played an active role in the committee’s formation. “It’s been a year and half in the making.” In the past, the entity responsible for oversight and maintenance of Sewanee’s community parks was never clearly defined.
Sewanee Civic Association (SCA) board member Stephen Burnett cited the SCA’s investigation into renovating the ballpark as the “catalyst.”
The SCA spearheaded the recent renovation of Elliott Park and has been providing oversight for the Dog Park. In the fall of 2016 then SCA President Lynn Stubblefield brought the deplorable condition of the ballpark to the SCA’s attention. The SCA also reviewed the needs of other community parks and sought the advice of Myers, who played a key role in the 2003 rehabilitation of the ballpark.
Along with Burnett and Myers, Sarah Marhevsky and Brent Tate will serve as community representatives on the Parks Committee. Amanda Knight and Diane Fielding will serve as representatives from youth baseball and soccer. Superintendent of Leases Sally Green and William Shealy from Facilities Management will serve as ex-officio members.
At the Sept. 6 SCA meeting, the membership will vote on transfering park assets and Memorandum of Understanding responsibilities from the SCA to the newly formed Parks Committee.
Council election officer Charles Whitmer provided an overview of the upcoming council election. The seats now held by Annie Armour (at-large representative), Richard Barrali (District 4), Pam Byerly (District 2), Kate Reed (at-large representative), Flournoy Rogers (District 1), and Whitmer (District 3) will be open for election. Armour will not seek reelection.
Prospective candidates need to submit a petition signed by 10 registered voters from their district. For at-large candidates, the 10 signatures can come from any registered voter residing in Sewanee. Petitions are available from Whitmer . A district map can be viewed at the Lease Office website .
Early voting will be held from Oct. 17–Nov. 1 at the Lease Office. Regular voting will take place at Sewanee Elementary School coincident with the General Election on Nov. 6.
Vice-Chancellor John McCardell welcomed two new council representatives from the University student population, Gray Hodsdon from the School of Theology and College of Arts and Sciences sophomore Adam Foster.