​Hoosier Appointed Deputy Fire Chief for SVFD

The University of the South has announced that Ronnie Hoosier has accepted an appointment as deputy fire chief for the Sewanee Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD), a position which was created last fall. Hoosier is employed in the University’s Physical Plant Services Department.

As deputy chief, Hoosier will assist Chief David Green in all aspects of the organization and direction of the SVFD, and will act in the chief’s stead if the chief is unable to perform his duties. He will work closely with Vice President for Risk Management Eric Hartman and Chief Green to undertake a full assessment of SVFD capabilities to ensure that the department continues to operate at peak efficiency.
“Ronnie is extraordinarily well respected by the community of first responders across the Plateau and beyond. His service to SVFD has been of a very high order. I have no doubt that he possesses both the necessary skills and, equally important, the respect of his peers, to assume these new duties,” said University Vice-Chancellor John McCardell, who made the appointment.
The deputy chief will be responsible for ensuring that all firefighters have adequate training; that equipment is monitored on a regular basis and is in good working order; and that policies and procedures concerning firefighting are in accord with local ordinances, state law and federal laws and regulations.