​Blue Chair Tavern to Host Comedy Night

by Kevin Cummings, Messenger Staff Writer

“I’m sick of following my dreams, I’m just going to ask where they’re going and hook up with them later.”—Comedian Mitch Hedberg
People who are hilarious at home folding socks, or tell jokes wherever they can, be it the men’s bathroom or the church picnic, have a chance to share their humor at the Blue Chair Tavern tonight (Friday) at 9 p.m.
Freddy Saussy, a manager at the Tavern, is one of the organizers of comedy night.
“I thought this would be a fun place to do it,” he said. It’s a pretty intimate audience situation and there’s often awesome energy. It can make for a pretty fun time.”
Saussy, whose favorite comedians are Richard Pryor and Steve Martin, said he’s picked up a few jokes bartending at the Tavern.
“Sewanee’s not short of comedic characters,” he said.
Jimmy Wilson, Blue Chair owner, said a comedy night is a natural addition to other events there, such as Sewanee Spoken Word, Trivia Night and bingo.
“We’re going to let it run on Friday nights and see how it goes,” he said. “You hear so many jokes at the bar, about 50 percent of them are good.”
Wilson won’t be able to attend tonight, but he said he has some jokes he might share in the future.
“My jokes are true stories, it’s just whether people think they’re funny or they think I was mischievous or a little off my rocker. But most of those occurred in my college days, so the statute of limitations has run out,” he said.
Those who want to perform can sign up for a five-minute slot by stopping by the Blue Chair or calling (931) 598-5434. Comedians can also take the mic the night of the show.