​Trustee Community Relations Committee Meeting

The Trustee Community Relations Committee will be in Sewanee on Thursday, April 26, at which time the Community Council will update the Trustees on topics of interest and concern to our community. If you have topics that you would like the Council to consider, please contact a Council member.

Community members are invited to join the Trustees and Council members for a reception at 5:30 p.m.,Thursday, April 26, in the new upstairs venue at Shenanigans.
Members of the Community Council include: Abbey Shockley, Annie Armour, Charles Whitmer, Cindy Potter, Flournoy Rogers, Jeremy Carlson, John McCardell, June Weber, Kate Reed, Louise Irwin, Michael D. Gardner, Nancy Berner, Pamela Byerly, Phil White, Pixie Dozier, Rich Barrali, Sallie Green, Shirley Taylor, and Theresa Shackelford.