​Askew Opens Art Gallery

by Sarah Beavers, Messenger Staff Writer
Bob Askew, a longtime resident of Sewanee, recently opened up his own art gallery in the old SUD shop behind Woody’s Bicycles in downtown Sewanee.
Askew has been a professional artist for more than a decade. Prior to his full-time art career, he worked in Career Services at the University.
Askew started college as an art major, born out of a life long love of art. He soon switched majors and graduated from the University of Alabama-Huntsville with a bachelors degree in Business Finance. Askew’s love of art ensured he took art classes throughout college.
“I rely on my sketchbook and practice everyday,” Askew said while thumbing through his many sketchbooks. It is clear from the breadth and scope of his work tucked away in those sketchbooks that practice does make perfect, or very nearly there.
Askew has been a fixture of the Sewanee community for many years and has worn a variety of hats, working with the Rotary Club, Friday School at Sewanee Elementary, to a sketch group that meets on Saturday.
“It’s important to get people involved in arts,” Askew said of his community involvement. “Some of the best experiences I have had is teaching. When a person teaches what they know, it’s a great gift for all those involved.”
The gallery opening is the beginning of a new chapter in Askew’s career. The future of the studio is bright because “Sewanee supports creative people,” said Askew. His gallery is a labor of love, and Askew credits his wife, Susan, with his success.
“I have to give Susan a lot of credit for supporting me because it has been a long, slow journey,” said Askew.
Askew plans on having a still life exhibition in March, and an exhibition of artwork from local elementary school students in the future.
The Askew Art Gallery is located at 12547 Sollace M. Freeman Hwy., Sewanee. The gallery is open 10 a.m.–3 p.m., Thursday-Saturday, or by appointment. Email Askew at <bobaskew@askewart.com> to inquire about the Saturday sketching group.